NY 5-Day Combined Mold Assessor & Contractor Classes

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Obtain both Mold Assessor and Mold Contractor licenses in only 5 days instead of 7!

The NY 5-Day Combined Mold Assessor & Contractor Course is ideal for full-service mold inspection and remediation companies and it can't be found anywhere else in the New York Metro area.

This 5 day course covers all New York State requirements for mold licensure such as:

  • Work place hazards, PPE, respirators
  • Biological sampling
  • State of the art work practices and new technology
  • Measurement equipment
  • Best practices for documentation, report writing, field notes, chains of custody
  • Building construction, building sciences, moisture control, water intrusion events
  • Technical and legal considerations
  • HVAC systems basics, inspection & assessment of HVAC
  • Work practices for removing, cleaning, & treating mold
  • Case studies
  • Containment and air filtration
  • Engineering controls
  • Includes hands on training, test, & certificate of completion

The registration fee for this class is $1245.00 per student.

NYS-Approved Certification Training

As of 1/1/2016, NYS requires all mold assessors, mold contractors and mold abatement workers to obtain official certification from the state. We are an approved NYS Mold Training Firm.

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