Mold License Training

NY Mold License Training offers mold license classes for all professionals involved in aspects of mold testing and mold remediation. The mold training classes are taught by mold professionals with a decade or more of experience in the field. The classes are: Mold Abatement Worker training, Mold Contractor, and Mold Assessor. All mold license training classes are approved by New York State Department of Labor and designed to get students their licenses as quickly as possible.

Mold Assessor training classes cover topics such as New York State Mold regulations, state of the art work practices and building sciences, HVAC systems. Mold Contractor training classes topics include: writing mold remediation plans, NYS technical and legal considerations, post-remediation testing procedures. Mold abatement worker training classes cover the following topics and more: hazard communication, Personal Protection Equipment, NYS legal considerations for mold. All mold training classes include Powerpoint lectures and hands on learning.

For all New York State mold license training class schedules or to sign up online see our website: Call us at 516-944-5323 with any questions.

NYS-Approved Certification Training

As of 1/1/2016, NYS requires all mold assessors, mold contractors and mold abatement workers to obtain official certification from the state. We are an approved NYS Mold Training Firm.

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