New York State Approved Mold Refresher Classes

In order to maintain a New York State Mold Contractor license, Mold Assessor license, or Mold Abatement Worker license, all licensees must take a Mold Refresher class every two years. Professional Building Inspectors, Inc. is a NYS Department of Labor approved training provider for mold refresher classes.

Professional Building Inspectors offers the NYS DOL approved 4 hour mold refresher classes frequently and affordably. All Mold Contractors, Mold Assessors, and Mold Abatement Workers can sign up for the same class.

PBI offers on-site training at your facility when you need to train more than 7 students at a time. We also offer multiple student discounts. Students can sign up online at or or call Ava at 631-474-1534 with any questions.

Here are some frequently asked questions for the mold license renewal process:

  1. How long is a New York State mold license valid?
    Mold licenses are valid for a period of two years from the date of issuance.

  2. Can a mold licensee perform work on a mold project if their mold license is expired?
    No, mold licensees who do not renew their license prior to its expiration date cannot perform work on a mold project until their license is renewed. A mold licensee whose license has expired, but continues to hold himself or herself out as a mold assessor, remediation contractor, or abatement worker is in violation of Article 32, Section 931 of the New York State Labor Law.

  3. What happens if a mold licensee allows his or her license to lapse?
    • The mold license is no longer valid and the individual or company cannot perform work on a mold project until the license is renewed.
    • If the license has lapsed for less than or exactly one year from the expiration date, the license can be reinstated by completing a mold refresher course and submitting the application package and non-refundable fee. Note that the new expiration date will be advanced two years from the original expiration date (not from the date of receipt of the renewal application). For example, if a license expires on January 31, 2018 and the applicant submits the renewal application late on August 31, 2018, the new expiration date will be January 31, 2020 (not August 31, 2020). Submitting a renewal application late results in a reduced licensure term for the applicant.
    • If the license has lapsed for more than one year from the expiration date, the applicant will be required to repeat the initial mold training course before reapplying for licensure, unless the applicant can show proof of completing a mold refresher course in the appropriate timeframe.
  4. What are the requirements for renewing a mold license?
    To renew a mold license, applicants must:
    • Satisfactorily complete a four-hour mold refresher course from a Department-approved training provider. Please check Approved Mold Training Course Providers for a list of Department-approved training providers.
    • Submit the appropriate mold application form(s) and pay the statutorily required application fee(s). The application forms are located on the Department's Documents and Publications webpage.
    • Submit proof of Workers' Compensation coverage, and Disability and Liability insurance coverage if required (refer to application form instructions).
  5. Are there different mold refresher courses for each mold license type?
    All mold licensees must complete a four-hour, Department-approved refresher course in order to renew their license. The refresher course curriculum and required number of hours is the same for all mold license types (Assessor, Remediation Contractor, Abatement Worker Supervisor, and Abatement Worker).

NYS-Approved Certification Training

As of 1/1/2016, NYS requires all mold assessors, mold contractors and mold abatement workers to obtain official certification from the state. We are an approved NYS Mold Training Firm.

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