Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a resident of the State of New York to be licensed?

No. DMV ID is Required but you DON'T have to be a resident of NY to get one... read on.

Statement from Eileen Franko, PhD, Director of Division of Safety and Health: "The most recent question is on how to handle students that do not possess a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's License Identification Number or Non-Driver ID Card (DMV-ID). Since this information is required to issue certificates of completion and submit the training rosters, it is necessary that your class participants have a DMV-ID. For licensing and verification purposes, students should have a DMV-ID when they enroll for a mold training course. It may be helpful for mold training providers to instruct potential students to obtain a DMVID ( on their website or during telephone calls before registering students for a mold training course."

What this means: You will need to bring your DMV ID (driver's license or non-driver's ID) to class so we can create the necessary unique ID number for the Certificate of Completion we provide at the end of the class. This certificate CANNOT be provided without this ID so if you come to class BEFORE getting your ID, please be advised that the Certificate of Completion will be retained by us until the ID is received. This process protects the New York residents from unscrupulous mold professionals.

As a Home Inspector must I ALSO be licensed as a New York Mold Assessor?


Can an individual hold multiple licenses?

Yes, and many do. As long as you follow the licensing law to avoid a conflict of interest, an individual may hold both the assessor and remediation contractor license.

Must a remediation contractor, who owns the business, also have an abatement worker's license if he is actually working on the job as a technician?

Yes, he must carry both licenses.

NYS-Approved Certification Training

As of 1/1/2016, NYS requires all mold assessors, mold contractors and mold abatement workers to obtain official certification from the state. We are an approved NYS Mold Training Firm.

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